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Luna Park Fun | Sydney Engagement Photographer

He was a punk, She did ballet… What more can I say?

Straight out of an Avril Lavigne song, imagine an edgy heavy metal musician & a burlesque performer only crossing paths briefly from time-to-time while performing at the same gigs. But it wasn’t until one fate-filled Soundwave in 2011 that they were finally introduced properly and there, was when their whirlwind romance began. Sharing a love of horror movies, heavy metal music & theme parks, they are heading to Thailand next month to finally tie the knot, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Luna Park Engagement Photoshoot

When we started discussing possible locations for the shoot, Luna Park popped up and we were all in love with the idea! Luna Park was a natural fit for these two adrenalin junkies, they love nothing more than travelling the world, taking on as many theme parks they can find… and their soon-to-be honeymoon is testament to that love, where they plan on knocking another off their list of must-do’s.

“Initially, we decided that we wouldn’t worry about getting any engagement photos.The engagement photos we’d seen of our friends or just online didn’t really feel like us. But when the suggestion of shooting at Luna Park came up, we knew we’d found someone that could capture us in a way that reflected us”

The shoot day had arrived, it was the last day of summer school holidays here in Sydney and we assumed everyone would be getting their kids ready for school. Right? There were uniforms to organise, pencil cases to fill and bags to pack…. But boy were we wrong. It seems we missed the memo about ‘bring your family to Luna Park Day’ and it was pumping!  Although somewhat challenging task to get shots without crowds in the background, it added to the fun & relaxed vibe that i know and love about this standout couple. 

I have know them for a while now & anyone would be forgiven for thinking they were already married… they just fit together so well and are the sweetest people you could even come across, the true embodiment of ‘couple goals’. 

mg 5257 1 - Just a little about me

Just a little about me

I’m a small country town gal living in the ‘Big Smoke’, if you can call the beautiful Sutherland Shire that. The truth is, I never really knew what I wanted to do when I left school. My dad always told me I should work with computers, at the time i couldn’t think of anything worse but after realising ‘chef-life’ wasn’t all it was cracked up to be I decided to utilise my computer skills and studied Graphic Design at the CATC. Although I very quickly realised that my passions lay within retouching, It took a few years of graphic design work (and a big push from my very supportive now-husband) to take a plunge to focus on growing my skills as a professional retoucher. 

Alternative Weddings

The easiest way to get better, is with practise, so I purchased a very cheap, very nasty set of studio photography lights from ebay and away I went (they broke after 3 photoshoots in case you were wondering). I began shooting purely to become a better retoucher however it snowballed quite quickly & I was being asked to do photoshoots year round until I was booked up months in advance! Somewhere along the way i realised I actually really loved photography. I loved the creative aspect of putting together concepts and ideas, set design, styling, hair & make-up ideas, meeting with clients… and then there was the work of course. Sometimes feeling out-of-my-depth, yet always pulling through allowed me to grow and evolve to place i would never have expected. 

Off-beat Bride

I have since been running my photography business for 6 years specialising in alternative portrait photography… 

So much has changed since the beginning of my story, I’m now married, have a beautiful family of my own, and as my memory starts to slip a little from time to time I realise just how precious the fleeting moments are and i’m passionate not let them slip away. 

Family Photoshoot

A lot of things became important once I entered this new life stage, one of which was to try and freeze all of their glistening stages, the way they smile, they way laugh, they way they hold you hand and give you ‘that’ gaze, that only you know.

Now more than ever, I understand the importance of having photos to remember all of the important stages we are lucky enough to experience in this one and only life. From Weddings, birthdays, engagements, pregnancy… I’m here to capture that, for you.

Family Photography - Sutherland Shire

Featured images of my very own off-beat bride wedding shot by Alicia Lansdown Photography. Family photos by Sophie Lea Photography.

mmp 1045 - Luxury Marine Photo Shoot

Luxury Marine Photo Shoot

Sometimes you’re just one decision away from experiencing something amazing. I have lived the majority of my adult life within the warm constraints of my cushy comfort zone, mostly always deflecting the possibility of doing something new… and with that, the fear of failing. You see for a perfectionist like myself, the fear of not producing good enough work is my kryptonite and possibly the biggest road block to my professional growth. 

Luxury Marine Photoshoot

While I was out celebrating a friends birthday, the wine was flowing & I was approached to shoot a luxury catamaran, interiors, detail shots and lifestyle… Having never shot any of these things intentionally during my past 7 years as a studio photographer i gulped down my fear of failure (possibly it was just another mouth-full of wine) as I made the split second decision to say YES. The next few weeks were a barrage of thoughts and emotions about what could ultimately be an epic fail, until the day finally arrived. 

It was a sunny Saturday, I got to the boat early and scoped out every inch. Trying to get my head around how I was going to pull this off before a flood of people arrived for lifestyle shots and what was to be a super cruisey ride around Sydney Harbour. As I arrived I was introduced to a Stylist to which I openly admitted ‘i’m out of my depth here, I’ve never done anything like this before’. I think I felt this might cover me slightly, in the event I looked like a complete fauxtographer… In my mind I was screaming ‘I’m a professional photographer, I swear!’ To which she replied ‘don’t worry, I’ve never done this either’, I let out a literal sigh of relief. At least we’re both in the same boat (see what i did there). The day went by without a hitch as I started with detail shots, moved on to interior shots and once we set off around the harbour, I snapped what felt like a thousand lifestyle shots of everyone enjoying this glorious boat. As the day drew to a close the stylist whispered in my ear “not too bad for a couple of amateurs”… 

She didn’t know how right she was. 

Luxury Marine Lifestyle Photoshoot - Sydney Harbour

Half way in, I recall thinking “man, I cant believe I’m getting paid for this” because in reality it really was a dream job. Not that it didn’t come without its challenges as all photoshoots do, but in that second i had a moment of self-realisation. The reality is that I have turned away countless jobs over the years, not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I thought I couldn’t possibly do it. I now see just how limiting that train of thought can be, and so here I am making the public pact that I will say YES MORE OFTEN and I urge you to as well… even when your head is telling you not to, when your anxiety is telling you all the things that could go wrong, take a sip of wine and say yes. And even if it isn’t the best thing you’ve ever done, allowing yourself to get outside of your comfort zone is the only way to truly evolve.

mmp 8495 1 - Cronulla Beach Photoshoot for Grinnd Eyewear

Cronulla Beach Photoshoot for Grinnd Eyewear

Coming from a background of studio portrait photography, 99% of my client base over the past 6 years, has consisted of adults. Well, little did I know what I missing out on! This campaign shoot for Grinnd Eyewear’s Kids range blew me away. With two super cute & bubbly Sydney models, Pixie & Eva, we headed down to the stunning Wanda Beach & Green Hills Sand Dunes… in the one dry day surrounded by about 3 weeks of rain! Wanda Cronulla Sand Dunes Photoshoot Pixie & Eva took my words with great pleasure “just have fun”, It was like these two kindred spirits hit it off with a bang and were besties before the shoot’s end. Repping their Grinnd Sunglasses, little did they realise, the glasses they were donning would also carry their name within the Grinnd range. A secret divulged only at their release on November 5th. Needless to say, they were both over the moon! Cronulla Beach, Sutherland Shire Sydney I didn’t expect or realise this shoot would be a turning point for me and my photography journey. After having my son I did grow closer to family and lifestyle photography, but I never imagined it would grow into this absolute passion I feel today. I’m excited to work more with families and kids with my lifestyle Photography over the coming month and years.